Beta 88 – RACF Admin & Audit

Improve the security of your z/OS platform
Transparent management of the RACF

Needs-based administration of mainframe access rights
Our mainframe access management and security solutions boost the efficiency of administrating the RACF and improve the security and flexibility of your z/OS platform by enabling comprehensive auditing and real-time monitoring of RACF events.


Significanly more efficient RACF profile management
Cross-checking process identifies invalid definitions
Analyze RACF data online
Efficiently identify security gaps
Improved security standard thanks to complete transparancy
Perform security checks for RACF systems
Create audit reports
Continuous, Automatic monitoring of the RACF security system
Record security-relevant events and directly escalate issues

Improved Unicode support (DBCS)
Auditor and RACF real-time monitoring delivered as a package
Interface to Garancy Access Intelligence Manager

More information : Data sheet  Beta 88 RACF Admin