Beta UX Suite

Output & document management under Unix with Beta UX

The Beta UX Suite with its components Beta UX ContentMaster, Beta UX Logmaster and Beta UX Distributionmaster uses the Beta UX Base Engine and provides specific additional features:

Document processing
Beta UX imports documents and logs from all main enterprise applications on various platforms like z/OS, UNIX/Linux and Windows and also from SAP.

Beta UX provides a modular, hhigh-throughput archiving system for a flexible and save archiving of documents and logs.

Flexible handling of output channels
With Beta UX production printer, printer Networks, digital distribution systems and applications can be used as output channel.

–  Reduction of Mainframe CPU-consumption
–  Ability to process non-z/OS Data (ASCII, XML, PDF and print data like PCL etc.)
–  Ability to process z/OS Data in a non-z/OS environment (EBCDIC, AFP mixed mode, AFPDS etc.)
–  Support of distribution criteria contained in the print data
–  High flexibility e.g. mixing of data to one data stream from different sources
–  Reduction of printing costs (Use of alternative channels)
–  Reduction of printing costs (Reprint by last page, Management of the Output processes after printing like mixing pages from two printers into one delivery object, Sorting and Enveloping by imprinting OMR’s and Barcodes on the print documents)
–  Reduction of production processes and lower error-ratio due to consolidated information
–  Better transparency and audiability of company-wide processes

More information :
Data sheet : BetaUX_ContentMaster_DS_EN
Data sheet : BetaUX_DistributionMaster_DS_EN
Data sheet : BetaUX_LogMaster_DS_EN