Action – used by iSecurity products to send real-time alerts:  e-mails, SYSLOG, QMSG, SMS, etc.

iSecurity Action is an essential part of the IDS (Intrusion Detaction System) that includes real-time alarms and protective response mechanisms for the iSeries server.

iSecurity Action Features:
*  Identification of security breaches and intrusions with Automatic,
immediate warning notifications to the relevant parties.
*  Simple, intuitive mechanism for defining potential security breaches and
critical system related events.
*  Real-time alerts sent via e-mail, MSGQ, SMS, Syslog, Twitter, SNMP;  alert
messages can be event-specific, including replacement variables, or
standard alert messages.
*  Activation of Automatic, immediate response to security events, Audit Log
events, and computer status and operator messages.
*  CL Scrips Generator which defines corrective responses, for example
blocking suspected users, application activation or re-activation, changing
file names, terminating user sessions, etc.

More information :  action_data_sheet