CICS Compatibility
Macro Level Interpreter

Run macro level code in CICS TS.

RMode31 - z/OS

Automatically run CICS programs above the line.

VS/COBOL Interpreter

Run OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS TS v3.

PKZIP Server for Linux on System z

Compression tool for Linux on System z Improve the efficiency of data exchange and archiving processes Linux for System z is an integral part of yhour IT infrastructure, increasingly important to mission critical operations.


Compression tool for IBM z/OS.

DB2 Tools

Premier advisor for DB2 buffer pool optimization.


Quality Control for Dynamic SQL Quality assurance measures for static SQL are commonplace in most installations.


Easily identify & restore unwanted changes of DB2 data.


Pro-active surveillance for a greater DB2 availability.

Data Management

Display CICS system logs online.


DataMiner is the complete information manager.

DP Manager

Problem and change administration, hardware and software inventory tracking.

EASY Help for CICS

"HELP" windows without programming.


Edit/copydefine VSAM files from TSO ISPF.

JCL Analyzer

JCL Analyzer is a fast, easy-to-use cross-reference utility that produces nine reports displaying job, JCLLIB, include, procedure, file, and program relationship.

VSAM AdminAid

VSAM AdminAid aids VSAM administrators in monitoring, tuning and reorganizing production VSAM files.

Data Masking
DataVantage DME

DataVantage DME (Data Masking Express) is a z/OS Data Masking-only solution for organizations with multi-layered, incumbent data management software.

Dump Detective for CICS

Interactive aid for investigating dumps.


CICS interactive debugging tool.


Interactive debugging for batch.

Development and Documentation
COBOL Glossary

Cross reference lists for COBOL systems.

Global Search and Replace z/OS

Scan PDS, Sequential, ICCF, or VSE libraries.


Scan PDS, Xref PROCS and MVS JCL.

Log Management
Beta 92 - Log Management

Beta 92 - Log Management The multi-platform job log management system for seamless production processes.

Output Management
Beta 93 - Output Management

Distribute, print, archine and search documents Our powerful output management systems for z/OS and UNIX platforms capture large list documents generated by the different business applications and perform complex distribution taske.


CICS terminal printer spooling system.

JES Queue for Printers

Eliminate costly SNAprinter hardware with your TCP/IP printer network.

JES Report Broker

Deliver reports using PTF, e-mail and the Web.

JSF - Job and Syslog Facility

Archive Sysout and Syslogs.

MacKinney Print Transform

Provides document transformation services for client products.

VTAM Virtual Printer

Route online application output to system spool.

Products for IBM System i

Action - used by iSecurity products to send real-time alerts:  e-mails, SYSLOG, QMSG, SMS, etc.

AP-Journal - Business Analysis & Alerts

AP-Journal performs  real time detection of database changes and access attampts, supports long term storage of critical  information, and enables analysis of business items.


Audit - Essential for regulation compliance to log audited activities and produce scheduled and in-demand reports.

Authority on Demand

Do you know what your consultants, freelancers, auditors, .


Firewall - secures every type of Network access to and from the IBM i, includes real-time alerts.

Password Reset

Would your users and Help Desk personnel want an easy and fully protected method to reset user passwords.


Compression tool for IBM System i.


Display & Analysis of iSeries Log Data.

Products for UNIX - Linux - Windows Server
Beta UX Suite

Output & document management under Unix with Beta UX The Beta UX Suite with its components Beta UX ContentMaster, Beta UX Logmaster and Beta UX Distributionmaster uses the Beta UX Base Engine and provides specific additional features: Document processing Beta UX imports documents and logs from all main enterprise applications on various platforms like z/OS, UNIX/Linux and Windows and also from SAP.

PKZIP Server UNIX/Linux/Windows

Compression tool for Solaris, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Linus and Windows Servers.


Increase security and reduce costs of virtualized environmentws.

Products for Windows Desktop
PKZIP Windows Desktop

Compression tool for Windows Desktop.

Products for z/VSE

BIM-ALERT/CICS is a comprehensive, menu-driven CICS security product used to control access to CICS transactions, programs, files, and mapss, as well as access security for fields within records.


BIM-EPIC is a powerful automated tape- and disk management system that dramatically improves the performance of z/VSE data centers.


MacKinney Systems - z/VSE products.


CSI-SORT is the complete sort package for z/VSE.

Data-Miner - VSE

Data-Miner is the complete information manager, able to create from the simplest to the most complex reports.

Debugging Tools

BITS Software :  Debugging tools for z/VSE.

Dr. D - VSE

Dr D is a flexible disk utility system providing the fastest backup and restore functions currently available.

Global Search and Replace z/VSE

Scan  PDS, Sequential, ICCF, or VSE libraries.

Power Queue for Printers - VSE

VSE Print Management.

SecureFTP - VSE

SecureFTP provides user authentication, privacy, and integrity for commands and data transmitted using the FTP protocol.


See-TCP/IP allows you to analyze the activity and performance of your z/VSE and TCP/IP systems from an easy-to-use PC graphical user interface.


TCP/IP for VSE provides a complete solution for connecting the mainframe to today's Internet world.

VSAM AdminAid - VSE

VSAM AdminAid aids VSAM administrators in monitoring, tuning and reorganizing production VSAM files.

RACF Admin & Audit
Beta 88 - RACF Admin & Audit

Improve the security of your z/OS platform Transparent management of the RACF Needs-based administration of mainframe access rights Our mainframe access management and security solutions boost the efficiency of administrating the RACF and improve the security and flexibility of your z/OS platform by enabling comprehensive auditing and real-time monitoring of RACF events.


Present CICS applications to your end-users easily.


CICS security for transactions, terminals and users.


CICS auto sign off and active user display.

fideAS file enterprise

Encryption and Data Leakage Prevention.

SecureZIP i5/OS

Data security and compression.

SecureZIP Server for Linux on System z

Data security and compression.

SecureZIP Server UNIX/Linux/Windows

Data security and compression.

SecureZIP Windows Desktop

Data security and compression.

SecureZIP z/OS

Data security and compression.

vZip - for VMware

Increase security and reduce costs of virtualized environments.

Session Manager

Allow up to 8 transactions at the same terminal.


VTAM session manager.

Software Asset Management

z/OS Library Validation and Software Asset Management.

Test Management
XDM - Cross Database Mover

All relational database management systems (RDBMS) basically function the same way.


Send messages to CICS terminals.

CICS/Morning News

Send company or departmental news.

CICS/Response Time Monitor

Track respone times.

MacKinney Batch to CICS

Process CICS commands from batch jobs.

Show and Tell II

Show what is on another CICS screen.