RMode31 – z/OS

Automatically run CICS programs above the line.

Are you getting too many Shot-on-storage (SOS) warnings ?
Are you tired of wasting valuable CPU cycles on program compressions ?
There is an answer to your SOS.

RMode31 can help, giving you back valuable DSA and GETVIS storage.

How ?   RMode31 allows you to rin most of your 24-bit macro and command level Assembler, VS/COBOL and PL/1 programs plus your BMS maps above the line. Plus, a Getmain option that places getmained storage above the line is available for applications that tie up a large volume of getmained storage. RMode31 does NOT require you to relink or reassemble any of your object.

z/OS environments : CICS 2.1 and above

More information :  MacKinney Systems

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