Compression tool for IBM z/OS.
PKZIP for z/OS provides a dynamic, cross-platform data compression solution that can zip and unzip requential files, PDSs, PDS/Es and VSAM data sets.  PKZIP for z/OS v14, through the support of hardware accelerated compression, uses less CPU and processess jobs more quickly, resulting in improved workload throughput and improved business capability to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

Conserve resources by reducing cycletime, bandwidth,
and storage requirements

PKZIP for z/OS v14 also includes additional features to improve compression efficiency; it customizes existing static dictionaries to further reduce the size of files.  Developed specifically for IBM z/OS, PKZIP is written with optimized assembler code that reduces file size by as much as 98% , decreasing DASD costs, conserving transmi9ssion bandwidth, and minimizing processing time to meet constrained operational windows.  PKZIP for z/OS also includes enhanced file handling features to accelerate critical business processes in the data center.

More information :PKZIPzOS14