Compression tool for IBM System i.

Conserve storage space and reduce transfer time.

To maximize an IBM i operating environment, administrators must ensure CPU cycles are efficiently managed so that business critical processes remain available at all times.  Compressing data helps administrators save money while reducing cycle time, data transfer bandwidth, and storage requirements for their IBM i systems.

PKZIP for i5/OS has æbeen designed specifically for the IBM i, providing a dynamic, cross-platform compatible data compression solution that supports PF-DTA, PF-SRC, and SAVF in the QSYS file system; IFS and SAVF stream files, as well as SPOOL files.  Industry-leading PKZIP compression greatly reduces DASD utilization and network traffic. When used pre-transfer, PKZIP for i%/OS can also proportionally reduce the amount of  time dedicated to sharing data between systems.

More information : Data Sheet