SecureZIP z/OS

Data security and compression.

Reduce processing times, increase operational efficiencies, and leverage existing investments

Files that contain sensitive data, whether stored or being transmitted, need to be protected.  SecureZIP makes securing these files an effortless task.  SecureZIP is the industry-leading security and compression utility that greatly reduces transmission times and required storage space while securely protecting data, in transit and at rest.  The combinatin of application, sytem, and ICSF integration make SecureZIP for z/OS an optimal solution for reducing processing times, increasing operational efficiencies, and leveraging existing investments within the mainframe environment.

 – Access encrypted files for audit and recovery purposes
 – Conserve storage space and reduce file transfer time
 – Encrypt data using passphrases, digital certificates, or both
 – Accelerate operations with enhanced tape processing

More information :  SecureZIP zOS v12 Datasheet