SecureZIP i5/OS

Data security and compression.

Improve operational efficiencies while increasing data security

Files that contain sensitive data, whether stored or being transmitted, need to be protected.  SecureZIP ensures that information is protected throughout an organization and across the extended enterprise.  Data remains protected in motion as it is exchanged, or at rest in electronic or physicalstorage – it applies protection directly to the data, not to the network transport or application.  Whether you choose to encrypt with passphrases, use a certificate for signing and authentication, or both, this data-centric solution provides the flexibility to  secure your data using the .ZIP format.

 – Reduce file transfer time and conserve storage space
 – Encrypt data using passphrases, x.509 digital certificates, – or both
 – Write files directly to tape

More information :  SecureZIP i5 v10 Datasheet