Macro Level Interpreter

Run macro level code in CICS TS.

Are you still supporting old CICS releases just to keep æyour macro level applications running ?

Stop spending valuable time and money keeping up your old CICS release.  With Macro Level Interpreter, you can run your macro level applications on your current command livel CICS with NO programming changes.

Macro Level Interpreter standdard features:
– No migration necessary – save costly programming hours
– Autjojmatically translates your macro levet applications to command level without the need for the original source code
Eliminates the need for maintaining multiple versions and unsupported versions of CICS.
– Supports Assembler, COBOL and PL/1 languages
Supports command level applications using the restricted “EXEC CICS ADDRESS CSA” command in CICS/ESA version 3 or above
– Supports vendor applications written with CICS macro code, such as LIFE70, PMS, CICS/DMS v1.4 or prior, TAPS, KEYMASTER and 4GL.
– Compatible with all versions of CICS TS (including VSE)

More information :  MacKinney Systems