VS/COBOL Interpreter

Run OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS TS v3.1, v3.2 or v4.1.

VS/Cobol Interpreter allows programs written and compiled with OS/VS COBOL to execute in CICS TS 3.1 and above.  No program changes or recompiles are required. Continue to seamlessly run your OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS TS 3.1 (and above).

When activated, VS/Cobol Interpreter automatically intercepts OS/VS COBOL programs and provides the necessary environment for them to fundtion properly in CICS TS 3 or 4.

With the “Automatic program detection” feature of VCI, programs written in OS/VS COBOL are automatically included and handled by the software. If this option is not specified, users must customize an include list to select OS/VS COBOL programs processed by VCI.  Generic and character masking features are available to control inclusion and exclution of programs from the VCI process.

More information :  MacKinney Systems

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