EASY Help for CICS

“HELP” windows without programming.

Easy Help for CICS allows you to add the ability to provide screen-level and field-level help text to users of your CICS transactions without requiring changes to your application programs.  ÆYou can choose which PF key to designate as the “Help” key at a system-wide or application-specific level.  When the help key is pressed, help text will be displayed for field containing the cursor if it is defined, or for the entire screen if it is defined.  When possible, the help text is displayed in a “window” on the screen so that the cursor’s field is still visible.

The help text can be maintained by authorized users using CICS transactions. A batch update facility is also available, which is especially helpful when converting from higher-priced CICS help products.

The integrated “sticky cursor” function can be used to copy help text directly into screen fields, making it expecially easy for light-pen or most current 3270 emulator users to click-to-paste into their screen.

A user exit program can be written to return specialized and context-sensitive help text.

More information :  MacKinney Systems

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