Display CICS system logs online.

In the CICS message log are messages from CICS (signons and signoffs, security violations, statistics, terminal errors, transaction abends, PL1 abend messages, etc.), messages from DL/1, CICS application programs and program products.

– Browse CSMT, CSCS, CADL, etc. logs on any CICS terminal. Browse logs individually or combined.
– No need to wade thru pages of terminal errors looking for security violations.
– Browse selections can be made by CICS applid.
– Logs can be browsed separately or coombined in date and time sequence.

Browse CICS logs on your CICS terminal with CICS/LogView Automate
operations;notifications can be triggered by specific error messages
Exclude unwanted entries from being logged Print complete logs or selective portions of logs on the system printer machine and/or purge old entries.

More information : MacKinney Systems