MacKinney Systems – z/VSE products.                                                                 
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CICS/Autoinstall – Allow dynamic creation of terminal definitions in TCT
CICS/Forward Recovery – Recovery system for CICS files
CICS/LogView – Display CICS system logs online
CICS/MAPR II – Create CICS maps fast
CICS/MENU II – Present CICS applications to your end-users easily
CICS/Message – Send messages to CICS terminals
CICS/Morning News – Send company or departmental news
CICS/Online File Utility – CICS file display and edit
CICS/QEditor – Editor invoked from your application
CICS/QSort – Online sorting
CICS/Response Time Monitor 
 CICS/SignOn – CICS security for transactions, terminals and users
CICS/Spooler – CICS terminal printer spooling system
CICS/Spy – Save screens to a file for review
CICS/Swap – Allow up to 8 transactions at the same terminal
CICS/Timeout – CICS auto sign off and active user display
COBOL Glossary – Cross reference lists for COBOL systems
DP Manager – Problem tracking, hardware/software inventory
Easy Help for CICS – “Help” windows without programming
File-Compare – Compare 2 versions of a file
Global Search/Replace – Scan PDS, Sequential, ICCF or VSE libraries
Kwik-Key – Load base cluster and multiple indexes at same time
Listcat Plus – Tune VSAM, save disk space
Show and Tell II – Show what is on another CICS screen
VTAM/Switch – VTAM session manager
VTAM Virtual Printer – Route online application outpur to system spool

More information :  MacKinney Systems