XDM – Cross Database Mover

All relational database management systems (RDBMS) basically function the same way.  However, there are many differences, as well, that make it changing and laborious to move data from one system to another.  XDM automates this task.

For example, say you run DB2 on z/OS systems, and developers want the data on Windows or Linux machines to avoid incurring development and test workload on production LPARs. What’s required just for this ?  If we start from scratch in this case, a completely new environment needs to be created. First of all, this means the DDL statements related to theobjecdts involved need to be generated  according to rules and syntax of the target  DBMS.  Each database management system  has its own DDL requirements;  hence the challenge is to convert/adapt the DDL drawn from the source system to a valid set of DDL statements for the target system.

For more information :  XDM – Datasheet

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