BIM-ALERT/CICS is a comprehensive, menu-driven CICS security product used to control access to CICS transactions, programs, files, and mapss, as well as access security for fields within records.  BIM-ALERT/CICS is written specifically for both the CICS/VSE 2-3 and CICS/TS 1.1 environments under z/VSE, so resource usage is low.

Without changing any of your current programs, you can secure transactions, programs, files and BMS maps.

Facilities are easy to use, even for non-technical personnel – no need to write programs, change JCL or learn a “rules” language.

Provides online, menu-driven screens for defining security at all levels  –  for each user, department and section.

More information :  BIM-ALERT-CICS – VSE – Datasheet