Dr. D – VSE

Dr D is a flexible disk utility system providing the fastest backup and restore functions currently available.

Especially useful and fast for a wide range of SAVE, RESTORE, and COPY functions :
–  SAVE any volume, logical disk file, or library to tape or disk file
–  RESTORE any volume, logical disk fifle, or library from tape/disk file to disk
–  COPY any volume, loggical disk file, or library from disk to disk

SAVES, RESTORES, or COPIES the entire or just active portions of a disk, entire logical disk files, and all z/VSE libraries.

Dr. Crypto enables Dr. D to encrypt saved (backup) files.  Currently supports DEs, Triple-DES, and AES encryption.

More information :  Dr. D VSE – Datasheet
More information :  Dr. Crypto – VSE – Datasheet

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